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What's On At Standley Chasm 

There's always something to see and do at Standley Chasm - Angkerle Atwatye.
Explore our best selling daily tours that you can
book online or take a self guided walk and experience the natural beauty at your own pace.

Experience the stunning natural beauty of Standley Chasm highlighted at mid day. A cultural treasure cherished for generations. Learn about the cultural significance and history of this ancient land

For educational and business organisations, we also offer Cultural Awareness programs and Euro tours that give you the opportunity for an authentic Cultural experience. 

As traditional owners of Angkerle, the Western Arrernte people welcome all respectful visitors to the sacred place of our women’s dreaming.

Educational Tours & Cultural Awareness 

Tailored for educational and organisational groups, our Cultural Awareness program and Euro tours provide an authentic and immersive Cultural experience and sharing of Culture and history.

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