Werte (Hello !)

Traditional Owners of Angkerle have always welcomed respectful visitors to their “women’s dreaming” site and established Angkerle Aboriginal Corporation to maintain and operate the tourist enterprise and Kiosk Café with the local art/crafts outlet. To impart some of the appreciation they have for this area, the Angkerle Cultural Experience tour was created to provide visitors to Standley Chasm a window into this fascinating world.

It’s an opportunity to appreciate the deep understanding the Western Arrernte people have of the local plant and animal life, and their spiritual connection to this ancient environment.

This HALF DAY tour consists of a guided walk up to the Chasm with a local indigenous guide explaining some of the geology, flora, fauna, bush medicine and bush tucker, weaponry, and cultural history and heritage specific to this site.

Questions about traditional culture and contemporary cross cultural issues are encouraged during Cultural Conversations, raising awareness for lasting social benefits.

This is followed by a painting workshop, which explains traditional dot painting techniques and symbolism, and gives guests the chance to create their own work.

The tour ends with a sumptuous buffet lunch served on the Verandah of the KioskCafe, a perfect end to a great tour.


4.5 Hours

All Inclusive

  • Morning Tea/Coffee with Scones/Cream AND Full Lunch of Cold Meats, Salads, Breads, Dessert & Fruit Platters (with dietary options)
  • Local Guide & commentary on a leisurely walk up to STANDLEY CHASM Angkerle Atwatye, a significant “women’s’ dreaming” site
  • Find out what’s so special about this place: – The geology of this ancient environment – An abundance of rare Cycads & fauna – Identify Bush tucker & medicine plants – Hear some cultural history (site specific) – Learn of our Central Australian heritage
  • Using local Indigenous guide – Enjoy a Cultural Conversation about contemporary Aboriginal society
  • Western Arrernte Dot Painting Workshop
    ( Produce your own souvenir !! )

Standley Chasm is located in a private flora and fauna reserve owned by the Iwupataka Land Trust and is operated by Aboriginal family members that are direct descendants from Aboriginal people that have lived in this area for thousands of years.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes, wear a Hat and bring water

SHOES          HAT                WATER

Get Directions

Just 40mins from Alice Springs. Drive West down Larapinta Drive until you see the turn off to Standley Chasm on the right.

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